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Friends of Dreamland non-profit was formed in 2009 by Kerry McCoy and a group friends over a shared desire to perverse a little known aspect of Arkansas history. The Taborian Hall has sense been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo: Kerry McCoy, her daughter Meghan, and contractor’s cca. 1990 shortly after Kerry bought the building.

The Taborian Hall at 800 W. 9th St. has stood in downtown Little Rock for almost 100 years. Once a central fixture of religious expression, fraternal support, economic progress, and entertainment in the African-American community in the early 20th century, this beautiful old building now houses Arkansas Flag and Banner. On its third floor still stands the Dreamland Ballroom, beautifully preserved in an on-going restoration. FoDL non-profit exists to promote and oversee this restorative effort. And is committed to re-building a facet of the community that once permeated the W. 9th St. District through the history, music, and party of the Dreamland Ballroom!

Dancing Into Dreamland 2018

A night of competive dancing. Text voting by audience.

Dancing into Dreamland is Friends of Dreamland's major annual fundraiser. 2018 marks the 9th year running! Our fabulous board members and volunteers work all year to find local dancers, from profesional troupes to amatuer couples and dance classes, to compete in front of judges and the audience. Dancers are assigned numbers that can be texted in by the voting audience members to win a cash prize. Click "View Details" for ticket information or to sign up to be a dancer!

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Little Rock's W. 9th St. is a district lost to the past. Schedule a tour of the ballroom to find it!


Host a ceremony or party with the Dreamland Ballroom's breathtaking architecture as your backdrop.

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